About DCL Overseas Pte. Ltd.

About DCL Overseas Pte. Ltd.

Meeting with the Honerable State Minister, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources.

DCL Overseas Pte. Ltd.is a green energy developer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh with partners and offices in Singapore and Sweden.

The Managing Director of DCL Overseas Pte. Ltd. is Mr. Fazle Elahi Choudhury.  Mr. Elahi has been working on renewable energy projects since 2005.

Mr. Elahi is the key person of a Swedish-Bangladesh joint venture company, Givent DCL Global Finance Ltd.

Givent DCL Global Finance Ltd. is a concern working under the banner of Givent DCL Green Energy, a 400 MW capacity sea wind power plant at Chittagong offshore area.

Inauguration-environmental-climatological-observationThe Givent DCL Green Energy sea wind power plant at Chittagong is the only and first such initiative in Bangladesh in the private sector.  This project has data monitoring in place, incorporating a high tech live remote monitoring system for partners in Dhaka and Sweden to monitor the station in real time.  This is the first (and only as at October 2011) high-tech wind farm feasibility study system in Bangladesh.

Wind turbine installation permission has been received from Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) and Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh (CAAB), Head Quarters.

Feasibility on a biomass based power project has also been completed.  Mr. Elahi heads up this project as the Managing Director of Dynamic Energy Plant Ltd.  (BOI Reg. # J-40101103002-H)  Dynamic Energy Plant Ltd. is a Sweden-Bangladesh J/V Project.

More about Mr. Fazle Elahi Choudhury

Fazle Elahi Choudhury, Managing Director of DCL Overseas Pte. Ltd.
Mr. Fazle Elahi Choudhury
  • General Secretary of the Green Energy and Climate Change Research Organization, Registered under the Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology in Bangladesh
  • Member of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Bangladesh.
  • Managing Director of Dynamisk Energi & Bygg Sverige AB. Sweden. (Reg. No. 556857-3249)
  • Managing Director of DCL Overseas Pte. Ltd. Singapore.
  • Proprietor of M/s Dynamic Corporation, Bangladesh.
  • Mr. Elahi has been doing research work on green energy and alternative energy since 2005.